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Mercure: Real-time Made Easy

Mercure is an open solution for real-time communications designed to be fast, reliable and battery-efficient. It is a modern and convenient replacement for both the Websocket API and the higher-level libraries and services relying on it.

Mercure is especially useful to add streaming and asynchronous capabilities to REST and GraphQL APIs. Because it is a thin layer on top of HTTP and SSE, Mercure is natively supported by modern web browsers, mobile applications and IoT devices.

A free (as in beer, and as in speech) reference server as well as a hosted service are available.

Mercure: at a glance

Pure HTTP, full-duplex, leverage HTTP/2+
High performance, low latency
Native browser support, works everywhere
Publish with a simple POST request
Subscribe using Server-Sent-Events
Automatic reconnection, refetch missed messages
Designed for REST and GraphQL
Private updates (JWT authorization)
Presence API and subscription events
Event store
Compatible with serverless, PHP and the like
Supports end-to-end encryption

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Reading the documentation is an excellent way to discover Mercure.

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