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Use Cases

From building a chat room to expose a fully-featured event store, Mercure covers a broad spectrum of use cases related to realtime and async APIs.

Example of usage: the Mercure integration in API Platform:

API Platform screencast

Here are some popular use cases:

Live Availability

  • a webapp retrieves the availability status of a product from a REST API and displays it: only one is still available
  • 3 minutes later, the last product is bought by another customer
  • the webapp's view instantly shows that this product isn't available anymore

Asynchronous Jobs

  • a webapp tells the server to compute a report, this task is costly and will take some time to complete
  • the server delegates the computation of the report to an asynchronous worker (using message queue), and closes the connection with the webapp
  • the worker sends the report to the webapp when it is computed

Collaborative Editing

  • a webapp allows several users to edit the same document concurrently
  • changes made are immediately broadcasted to all connected users

Mercure gets you covered!

See also, the examples.