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Debug the Hub

The hub is shipped with pprof, a profiler allowing to find bottlenecks, memory leaks and blocked goroutines among other things.

To enable the profiler, add the debug global directive to your Caddyfile:


# ...

If you use the default Caddyfile, you can also set the GLOBAL_OPTIONS environment variable to debug.

The route exposing profiling data is now available at http://localhost:2019/debug/pprof/. You can use the pprof tool to visualize it.


Look at the heap profile:

go tool pprof -http=:8080 http://localhost:2019/debug/pprof/heap

Look at the past memory allocations:

go tool pprof -http=:8080 http://localhost:2019/debug/pprof/allocs

See http://localhost:2019/debug/pprof/ for the list of available data.